9th Australian Streams Management Conference 2018August 12 - 15, 2018 Grand Chancellor Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Siwan Lovett

Siwan has been working in natural resources management for the past twenty years, empowering people to act by sharing knowledge and inspiring collaborative action.  As part of the not-for profit Australian River Restoration Centre, she manages the successful Rivers of Carbon initiative which is working with Landcare groups to protect and restore riparian areas across the Southern Tablelands of NSW.  Siwan believes that we must value and invest in social capital, which is made up of ourselves, our relationships and our networks, at the same time as we protect and restore our living natural capital, as people and nature are interdependent.   She lives in Canberra with her husband Tom and son Finn.  Favourite pastimes are singing, camping, kayaking and enjoying great conversations with friends.

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