9th Australian Streams Management Conference 2018August 12 - 15, 2018 Grand Chancellor Hobart, Tasmania


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People presenting papers or posters to 9ASM are strongly encouraged to prepare a paper for the conference proceedings. Papers are between 2-8 pages in length.

Publishing your conference presentation as a paper means that it will be an important and permanent legacy of your work.  Papers from past ASM conferences are available online and have been read and cited many thousands of time. The papers ensure knowledge exchange across the industry nationwide and internationally and have broad appeal to local groups, managers, policy makers and researchers.

Papers describe new techniques, tools, theories or inventions, or present case histories that extend our understanding of stream management.  Papers should present new ideas, methods, applications, techniques, management approaches or policy. The conference proceedings can be considered as an industry journal. 

Details of Your Paper 

  • Final papers are to be between 2 and 8 pages in length, including figures and tables. Diagrams, figures, flow charts, and images are highly recommended. Proceedings will be digitally distributed in colour. 
  • Submissions must be in English, a minimum of 11 point Times New Roman font.
  • Manuscripts should conform to the template provided.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary is the journal's standard for spelling.
  • Documents are to be prepared in Microsoft Word. No pdf documents will be accepted.
  • Any graphics included in the document are to separately attached to the final document as jpeg files.
  • Please remember not footnotes should be used. only the header and footer as listed in the template.
  • Substantial quotations should be indented without quotation marks. Other quotations should be enclosed by single quotation marks. Double quotation marks should be used only as innermost quotation marks within single quotation marks.
  • Published works referred to in the text should be in parentheses containing author, date (and page number(s) if necessary).
  • Books and journal articles should be listed as follows:

Macpherson, C.B. (1972). The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism: Hobbes to Locke. Oxford University Press, London.

Trimble, S. W., Mendel, A. C. (1995). The cow as a geomorphic agent — A critical review, Geomorphology 13 (1), 233-253.

  • Completed papers to be reviewed MUST be submitted to the Scientific Committee through ASN Event Management by no later than Monday, 7th May, 2018.
  • Please note that the Conference Organisers and/or Committee will communicate only with the 'first author' of a paper. In the case of co-authored papers it will be the responsibility of the 'first author' to pass on to the co-author(s) communications from the editors.

Peer Review Process

All papers are reviewed by other conference participants (who are also authoring papers themselves), and revised, before being published online in formal conference proceedings. You will receive constructive evaluation from peers and leaders in the field. Specialist feedback improves the quality of papers, and therefore the quality of the conference.

As a participant in the conference you are strongly encouraged to review at least one other paper. This is not an onerous task and should take less than an hour.  The Editorial team will endeavor to match the paper to your interests so that the review is valuable for the author as well as the reviewer. Simple guidelines for reviewers will be made available.

Once your paper is reviewed you will need to make changes you feel are acceptable before final submission. The Editorial Committee is there to assist with any questions or concerns about the submission or review.

Conference Structure

The Conference will comprise of:

  • Three days of Conference Sessions from Monday 13th August to Wednesday 15th August, incorporating a half day technical tour on Tuesday, 14th August.
  • Conference Welcome Reception on Sunday, 12th August followed by the Conference dinner on Tuesday, 14th August.
  • Conference Presentations of 15 minutes in length with an additional 5 minutes for questions.

Themed sessions: if you have an idea for a themed session (e.g. urban waterways, community engagement, Murray-Darling Basin, estuarine management, climate change impacts) then please forward them to Geoff Vietz (geoff@streamology.com.au).

Further Information

If you have any questions in relation to abstract and paper content and applicability, please contact either:

Dr Geoff Vietz

Chief Editor, 8th Australian Stream Management Conference

E:  geoff@streamology.com.au


Assoc. Professor Ian Rutherfurd

Chief Editor, 8th Australian Stream Management Conference

E: idruth@unimelb.edu.au

If you have any questions concerning the abstract and paper submission process, please feel free to contact:

Ruby Hatfield

Conference Manager, ASN Events

E: RH@asnevents.net.au

T: +61 3 8658 9530

M: +61 488 663 476

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